Overcoming Water Damage: Restoring Safety and Stability


Why Do You Need to Contact Professionals from NDS?

Water and mold damage can be devastating to our homes, businesses and lives. Regardless of the cause, when dealing with water or mold damage, immediate action is critical in restoring the property and belongings back to pre-loss condition… so you and everyone affected can get back to your lives.

At National Disaster Solutions, we understand the distress you are going through, and we have the experience, equipment and workforce to help you through this tough situation. When it comes to water damage restoration and mold remediation, our team of professionals will work tirelessly to restore the affected area back to normal.

High-Efficiency Air Scrubbers are used to capture mold spores from the air while the structure is being cleaned and repaired. Any time the issue is mold, the area being worked on is contained, so microbial contamination cannot be spread anywhere else throughout your property.

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